Scouting Prospects


There are all kinds of people scouting new prospects with great potential in a variety of fields all the time.  There are TV channels focused on food which have contests to find their next star.  There are athletic teams looking for the next breakout player who will garner them victories and bring success to their program.  Bosses are looking for great employees.  People everywhere are searching for potential.  And… people are waiting to be discovered… longing to have someone see the potential in them.

My Personal Prospects

A couple of years ago, in my daily time alone with the Lord, I was talking with The Lord about our two boys and about how I believe in their significant potential. As I  addressed the topic with Him, I sensed the Lord stun me with this challenge to my heart and mind, “Discover your children.

Well, that didn’t make much sense to me initially.  It so took me off-guard that I was lost in the thought for a moment.  Then, it was as if the thought continued and I sensed Him explain… 

Allen, there are people in this world who are searching to discover others. There are scouts looking for the next great sports star. There are talent shows searching for the next great singer. There are companies who specialize in discovering the next standout CEO for major corporations. There are people who are looking for the next great actor… or artist… or author… or chef… or political leader.

The Lord went on to challenge me that morning to be the one to discover our boys… to discover their talents, their skills, their personalities, their aptitudes, their abilities, their strengths. I am to discover them… to call those things out in them… to cultivate those things… to challenge them… to cheer them… to connect them with the right people who can catapult them to their destiny… to give them opportunities to shine.  I’m not suppose to delegate that responsibility to someone else.  And I’m certainly not supposed to allow any random person in this world who is scouting potential to beat me to the punch with my own boys.

This concept works for me.  Maybe it’s because I feel like I have something in my heart that sees potential in people. Sometimes, I look at someone and think, “Man, they seem like they would be really good at…”.  And I like living that way. I like seeing what can be in people and believing the best for them.

The Privilege of Potential

It’s a privilege to get to be in on the spotting of potential in a person.  Sometimes, people don’t even see it in themselves, and you get the joy of being the one to point it out to them.  Other times they sense it, but lack the confidence to pursue it, and you get the joy of pushing them over the edge to go after their dreams.  That’s where the fun comes in… seeing the potential in someone else and then helping them get to the point of fulfilling their destiny.

Proverbs 22:29 asks the question, “Do you see someone skilled in their work?”  It’s not a trick question.  It’s simple and straightforward.  Yet it does beg another question…

Are you looking?

Are you looking for potential in the people in your life?  Are you serving as a scout looking for prospects?  Are you on the hunt for greatness in others?  Are you recognizing their skills, talents, abilities, giftedness, intelligence, and personality type?  Do you taste their cupcakes and say, “You ought to open a bakery!”  Do you listen to them tell stories and say, “You could be a writer!”  Do you see their doodled drawings and say, “You really should consider art school!”


Scouts are rarely thought about or talked about.  It’s the superstars they discover which shine brightly for everyone to see.  But those stars would never be seen if someone had not pointed them out.  Scouts don’t need credit.  They don’t look for glory for themselves.  And when they help someone achieve the greatness their potential holds for them, the scout goes searching again to see who else has potential out there.

Want A Job?

Hey, wait a minute… I think I see some potential in you, fine reader of this blog.  Yes, there it is… You have the potential to see potential in others and encourage them to reach for it.

How would you like a job as a scout?  It doesn’t pay any money, but the reward of seeing someone achieve their designed purpose in life with excellence is quite amazing.  You may never get any credit for discovering them, but you won’t care.  It really is quite fun.

So, you interested?  Let’s see what you’ve got.  Start with those closest to you and then begin working your way out to everyone else.

Yep, I see it clearly now… You are going to be one fantastic scout!

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