Wring It Out!

Kids amaze me with their ability to connect dots between the spiritual and the natural with what seems like such ease.

It happened with our seven year-old a few nights ago. Angela was reading him the story of Gideon from his Bible. For those who don’t know or remember the account, an angel visits Gideon who is hiding to do his work because marauding raiders from the country next door keep crossing the border to attack, pillage and destroy the Israelites crops. The angel tells Gideon that he is a might warrior and that God has selected him to fight and defeat the enemy country’s army to give God’s people peace and prosperity once more.

The problem was that Gideon wasn’t really sure he was up to the task because he didn’t the pedigree or skill set. So, he asks God to show him a sign in order for him to accept this is really God and they are really going to defeat the enemy. Gideon asks for God to make a piece of wool that he leaves out overnight to be soaking wet from dew and the ground all around it completely dry the next morning. God agrees, and the next morning Gideon finds exactly what he asked for. Scripture says the wool was wet enough that he wrung water out of it.

Enter Austin. Upon hearing this, Austin says, “Oh, like when we wring out the washcloth when I take a bath!” Angela confirmed that he had indeed understood what Gideon had done and went on reading… but I was soon lost in thought.

When Gideon wrung out that wool, it was proof to him that God was speaking to him… God wanted to empower him to do something beyond himself… God was for him… God wanted him on His team… God was going to come through for him… God was going to make sure he was a winner. And I thought about how great it would be if I would just tap into Austin’s simple reminder each time I wring out a washcloth, and let it speak to me that God is for me… God is making me a winner… God wants to do something powerful through me… God wants me on His team… God is going to come through for me! That is a daily reminder that makes a difference.

I love the part in that story when the angel tells Gideon to go in the strength that he has… right after Gideon has told him how small, unimportant and weak he is. What the angel was essentially saying was that God was the one who was going to do the miracle… He just wanted to include Gideon in it. And when Gideon wrung out that wool, he knew God was involved.

Let me encourage you today with the truth that God is involved in your life. He knows what is troubling you, and He wants to make you victorious. He will work the miracle… He’d just like to include you in the process.

And if you’re one of those of us who sometimes struggles to believe for the miraculous, just remember ol’ Gideon the next time you finish bathing… and wring it out!


Author: Allen Chapin

- Christian, husband, dad, friend, leader, author and speaker - Life Purpose = Love & Encourage, Offering Grace & Hope - Life Motto = Living for the applause of nail-scarred hands - Life Verse = Matthew 25:21

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