The Suddenlies

At Christmas time, people just seem to have more faith for miracles. And it’s fairly obvious why… The very coming of the Son of God to earth, born of a virgin teenager is miracle numero uno of that first Christmas. But the whole historical Christmas account is replete with moments of sudden miracles.

I suppose the only place in Scripture that really uses the term “suddenly” is found in Luke 2 when the shepherds are watching their sheep at night, and “suddenly” an angel appeared among them to let them know that the Messiah had just been born a bit earlier, and that they should go see the miracle baby. (I particularly love that it says the angel appeared “among them,” rather than above them as our westernized Christmas art and productions often depict it.). Then “suddenly,” that one angel is joined by the angel armies of Heaven singing praises to God. I love it! This is a military choir of epic, eternal proportions. And then suddenly they’re gone. That’s quite a set of “suddenlies.” And the shepherds’ lives were changed forever that day.

Of course, while it doesn’t say it in Scripture, the account of Gabriel visiting Mary to tell her how God’s miracle plan involves her appears to have had a “suddenly” to it. She is caught quite off-guard by this miracle news, and her life was changed forever that day.

Joseph, who was engaged to Mary, finds out she’s pregnant and he’s not the father, and he decides to break it all off. But he has a “suddenly” experience of his own when an angel tells him the whole story of Mary’s miracle, and how God wants him to be a part of it as well. He says to go ahead and marry Mary. Wow… what a “suddenly.” And Joseph’s life was changed forever that day.

Just this week, a friend sent us the sweetest Christmas card, and in it reminded us that God has “suddenlies” for us as well. She told us to be on the lookout for our “suddenlies.”

As I meditated on that some this morning, I had a “duhhhhh” moment as it struck me that “suddenlies” happen… well, suddenly… seemingly out of nowhere… when we are least expecting them. And when they happen, our lives are changed forever that day.

I’m glad people’s faith for miracles increases at Christmas time. I want to live with that kind of faith year-round, because “suddenlies” can really happen any time… any place… to anyone. In fact, I believe God has “suddenlies” planned for each of us. I don’t know when yours will come… or where… or how… but be on the lookout for “suddenlies” that will change your life forever!

And if at some point, you struggle to believe for them, just pick up the Bible, flip over to the first couple chapters of Luke’s & Matthew’s accounts Jesus coming to this earth as a baby. Start there. Then flip around the rest of the Bible, and you’ll find that others had “suddenlies” of their own… plenty of them not even at this time of the year.

Merry Christmas, friends! And may God bless you with a “suddenly” soon!


Author: Allen Chapin

- Christian, husband, dad, friend, leader, author and speaker - Life Purpose = Love & Encourage, Offering Grace & Hope - Life Motto = Living for the applause of nail-scarred hands - Life Verse = Matthew 25:21

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