Top 5 Christmas Carols

Music makes the magic even more special at this time of the year. Take away the Christmas carols, and you take away some of what makes the holidays feel so wonderful. One song can bring back a flood of memories… sights, smells, tastes. And each person has their own favorites which they play year after year to make THE season THEIR season.

So, this week, I’m inviting you into part of what makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year for me by sharing what I consider to be the top five Christmas carols of my lifetime. I want to lift your spirits by bringing to mind, with these tunes, those tunes which make your Christmas merry and bright.

Now, technically, I’m not sure I can name a Christmas song I don’t like… so this was tough. In order to overcome the overwhelming task of narrowing it down, I just picked my fave in each of five categories. And so you can get the full effect, I’m going to include a link to the song so that you can listen to it for yourself and see what it’s like to have one of my earbuds in at Christmas.

NOTE: I’d love to hear what your favorite is in each category each day. Feel free to reply to a post or comment on the blog.

Today, we begin with my favorite classic Christmas song… #5 on the countdown to my all-time fave… Bing Crosby’s version of “White Christmas!” (Click here to listen.)

There is just something about that song that screams Christmas to me. Having spent six of my first seven Christmases in Minnesota, I know how great a white Christmas is. Having lived the rest of my life in the South, I know what it is to long for a white Christmas that does not include shorts and flip-flops. And to hear Bing croon that tune just makes me feel warm inside while I close my eyes and imagine a blanket of white covering the tops of everything outside.

I think for me, a white Christmas speaks to the “peace on earth” part of the Christmas account. There is something so quiet… so peaceful… when soft white flakes float from the sky in soft billows and collect on tree branches, covering the ground and insulating rooftops from the harsh world.

I don’t know if “White Christmas” is one of your top five Christmas songs, but you have to admit that when you hear it, it is undeniably Christmas-ish. So sit back, relax, close your eyes and take a listen. Then tell me what your favorite classic Christmas song is.

Tomorrow, my 4th favorite Christmas song falls into the “fun” category!


Author: Allen Chapin

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