How Many Ways?

Today, I sold an older table saw that almost covered the cost of the new one I needed. Today, a refund check for an unknown overpayment on insurance came in the mail. Today, items we wanted to buy family members for Christmas we’re on clearance when PR31 went to shop. Today, people ordered crafts we sell on the side. Today, someone provided an opportunity for me to work in my vocation.

God always comes through. Always.

Scripture doesn’t say HOW God will supply all our needs. It just says that He will. It doesn’t WHEN He will supply our need. It just says that He will.

There is no formula… no metric… no systematic routine God has to abide by, but there is a principle He has chosen to operate within. Put Him first. Honor Him, His Kingdom, His will. Trust Him with what you’ve got, and He will come through for you. He will always supply what is needed for His children. This is not about putting a buck in the offering plate on Sunday, but rather putting your life in His hands each day, and believing that He will take care of what you need.

I only use today as an example. Our lives are replete with examples like today… but different… in which God supplied all of our needs. He didn’t do this because we are any more special to Him than anyone else. He did it for us, and He will do it for you, too.

Whether your need is healing, provision, favor with a boss, a restored relationship with a family member, or any other of a host of needs, my God will supply all of your needs generously! Seek Him and His will first, and all these things will be added to your life.


Author: Allen Chapin

- Christian, husband, dad, friend, leader, author and speaker - Life Purpose = Love & Encourage, Offering Grace & Hope - Life Motto = Living for the applause of nail-scarred hands - Life Verse = Matthew 25:21

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