I traveled almost a couple hundred miles today to speak at a conference for teenagers and leaders.   I was expecting simply to give of myself, but my prayer was that God would speak to me as well.

I read in Psalms recently that the Lord bends down to listen to us, and the Psalm writer said that because God does that, he always prays… or talks with God.  God listens.  That’s a big deal.

He heard my prayer to both speak THROUGH me and TO me.  He bent down… paid attention… and listened to me.  He did help me as I spoke tonight, and then during a time of hanging out and grabbing a snack with others on the team for the event, He spoke to me… to my life… to my situation.

He will listen to you, too, you know.  Like a good parent, He gets down on our level… looks us in the eye… and gives us His full attention.  As He does, you’ll know that it’s safe to talk with Him… to open your heart… to spill your guts… to tell Him what’s on your mind.  And like the Psalmist, that conversation will probably lead to you wanting to have a lot more with Him.

So, thanks for bending down and listening to me, Lord!  Talk again tomorrow?


Author: Allen Chapin

- Christian, husband, dad, friend, leader, author and speaker - Life Purpose = Love & Encourage, Offering Grace & Hope - Life Motto = Living for the applause of nail-scarred hands - Life Verse = Matthew 25:21

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