Persistence Pays Off


Yeah, our dog is spoiled. We know it. It’s a fact that can be documented if necessary.

But the truth is that she fits in great with our family. Every last one of us is spoiled. PR31 is the baby of the siblings in her family… as am I. And since we weren’t able to have kids for so long, when God finally blessed us with them, we have perhaps gone a little beyond what is required in life from time to time.

So, it’s no surprise to me that Sugar (our dog) would be spoiled. She has plenty of examples to follow.

Here’s a “for instance…”

This morning I was eating an apple and she came begging at my recliner. I told her “No” at first,  but she didn’t stop sitting there so patiently, looking up at me with those longing eyes.

Yep, I caved. I gave in and gave her one small bite off of one slice of apple. “Now that’s all,” I proclaimed.

But she kept sitting… and staring longingly… and waiting… hoping for more apple.

Yep, I gave her another piece. And why drag this out… I ended up giving her another piece or two after that as she continued to do everything but ask me in so many words.

Don’t Just Settle… Settle In

It’s then I thought to myself, I should be more like Sugar. I should follow the Lord wherever He goes… plop myself down where He can see me… and look longingly at Him… waiting for Him to give me what I am asking for. But that requires spiritual stamina.

I should know this better and practice it more since I am well-schooled in the art of being a spoiled kid. And I know how I love to bless our sons. Why then do I give up so easily when I don’t see a prayer answered on day one? Why do I quit when the Lord says, “No.”

Sometimes I just don’t stick it out. Sometimes I miss out on what God would give me or do for me simply because he hasn’t responded in the way I wanted yet.

Perhaps it would do me well to take a lesson from Sugar’s playbook. Perhaps I, too, could seek God with persistence until He answers my prayer and gives me my heart’s desire.

Go ahead… mock me if you will. But remember, I’m not the only one who has missed out on a blessing from the Lord just because I lacked persistence. My guess is that one or two of you who are reading this right now totally connect in that way.

It’s okay. Our loving God  hears us and responds to us as we persist with Him. We’re not bothering Him… We’re believing Him for those good things we believe He is willing to give us or do for us in life.

And now, if you’ll please excuse me… I need to go ask again.


Author: Allen Chapin

- Christian, husband, dad, friend, leader, author and speaker - Life Purpose = Love & Encourage, Offering Grace & Hope - Life Motto = Living for the applause of nail-scarred hands - Life Verse = Matthew 25:21

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