Do It Anyway

What Is Your “Can’t”?

Is there something which people have told you that you cannot do?  Is there something they have told you would be impossible for you?  Is there something they say you don’t have the skills, or talent, or education, or finances to accomplish?  What is it that people have told you that you can’t do?

Silence Their Doubt

You’re not the only one who has ever experienced this… take for instance, David in the Old Testament… the shepherd boy who became the greatest earthly king of his nation.  All throughout his life, it seemed he had people telling him that he could not accomplish great things.

* When the prophet Samuel came to David’s home to anoint the next king of Israel, David’s dad, Jesse, called all of his sons together to be presented to the prophet… except David.  It was as if his dad was telling him, “You could never be the one chosen to be king.”  But David was chosen and did become king.  He was told he couldn’t, but he did it anyway.

* When his dad sent him to check on his brothers who were serving a few miles away in the army and take them some food, only to discover the Philitine giant Goliath taunting God’s people and no one taking him on, David’s oldest brother Eliab told him that he shouldn’t be there and that he should go back to his few little sheep.  In essence, he was telling David, “You have no business being here.  You could never fight in this army.” But David did indeed fight and became the champion of the Israelites that very day.  He was told he couldn’t, but he did it anyway.

* When Saul found out that David was planning to fight Goliath, he told David that he couldn’t go out and fight without armor and still win.  But David shucked the armor, took only his sling and five smooth stones, and still won the fight.  He was told he couldn’t, but he did it anyway.

* When he went out to fight Goliath, Goliath called him a dog and told him that he didn’t have a chance of beating him in battle.  But David set the record straight by pointing out that the one true God would be fighting on his side and Goliath would be the one defeated.  Sure enough, he felled the giant with one stone.  He was told he couldn’t, but he did it anyway.

* King Saul called David treasonous… said he would never be king of Israel… chased him down like a fugitive and proclaimed that David could not escape the manhunt.  But David lived under the favor of God and did indeed escape many times.  He was told he couldn’t, but he did it anyway.

* When David had later become king over all Israel, the people of the town of Jebus told David that he would never conquer their city.  They actually told him that the “lame and the blind” could keep him out of their city.  But David did conquer their city, and it became known as “The City of David.”  The city they said he couldn’t have is actually now named after him.  The ruins of that city still exist today… I’ve seem them with my own eyes.  And that area is not called “Jebus,” but is instead still called “The City of David.”  He was told he couldn’t, but he did it anyway.

All throughout his life, David had people telling him what he couldn’t do.  He didn’t let that deter him from going ahead and doing it anyway.  He knew that he could and should do those great things which God set before him and intended for him to accomplish.

Go Ahead… Do It Anyway!

I don’t know what people have told you that you can’t do.  Maybe someone has told you that you would never amount to much in life… Do it anyway!  Maybe someone has told you that you can’t live debt-free… Do it anyway!  Maybe someone has told you that you could never earn that degree… Do it anyway!  Perhaps someone has told you that you can’t start that business… or speak publicly… or get married… or be a great parent… or… or… or… DO IT ANYWAY!

Choose to believe the truth from these Scriptures:

– “If God is for us, then who can ever be against us?”  (Romans 8:31)

– “No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.” (Romans 8:37)

– “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)

If God says you can, then you can.  And no other person can stop you from accomplishing what He says you can… other than you.  As long as you are willing and obedient to God, then nothing can stop you.  So, when others tell you that you can’t accomplish that amazing goal… Go ahead and do it anyway!


Author: Allen Chapin

- Christian, husband, dad, friend, leader, author and speaker - Life Purpose = Love & Encourage, Offering Grace & Hope - Life Motto = Living for the applause of nail-scarred hands - Life Verse = Matthew 25:21

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