Life Hack For Success

Tony Little, Special Agent OSO & The IDF

We all want to succeed at whatever we do.

Whether you are a stay-at-home wife or mom trying to tackle a mountain of laundry… or a business leader assigned an incredibly important project… or a politician trying to get legislation passed… or a preacher working on a weekly sermon… or a military leader assigned with covertly defeating an enemy force… or a student writing an essay… or a guy trying to crank out a daily blog… We all want to succeed.  We want to make good grades or to get a promotion or to make a difference… or even just check one more thing off that nagging to-do list.  We just want to succeed.

And yet success seems so elusive at times.  Tasks, projects, assignments and dreams can feel overwhelming and out of reach.  We can have the sense that if we just knew how to eat an elephant one bite at a time, we would do it and be successful.  (Personally, I’ve never tasted elephant and I’m pretty sure that I would not like to… even if it does taste like chicken.  But I digress…)

Alas, we get stuck and can’t see the forest for the trees.  (Yes, another metaphor.  It’s one of those days.).  But don’t give up hope yet.  As Tony Little says, “Yeah, baby, you can do it!”

Between watching Special Agent OSO with my boys when they were younger and a trip I took to Israel where we met with a former Israeli Defense Force leader, I have discovered that any task or assignment or project can be completed much more easily and my stress reduced if I will do this one thing…

Take The Steps

Life hack for success?  Break any task, project or assignment into three steps.  This is what the IDF does with everything they do.  By breaking tasks into three steps or parts, it:

– creates a clearer sense of what needs to be accomplished, 

– speeds up the process, 

– makes assigning tasks easier, and

– breaks the giant into bite-sized chunks.

And if the three steps still seeem too big, then break each one of them into three steps.  This will work with practically anything you need to accomplish.  Success is just three steps away.

Don’t believe me?  Try it for a week on anything you need to succeed at and see for yourself.  And remember these powerful words of encouragement…

 “Yeah, baby, you can do it!”


Author: Allen Chapin

- Christian, husband, dad, friend, leader, author and speaker - Life Purpose = Love & Encourage, Offering Grace & Hope - Life Motto = Living for the applause of nail-scarred hands - Life Verse = Matthew 25:21

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